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We all know how stressful this can be, but at Advanced Motorcycle we can take the pain away.

In the event of an accident if you follow the below steps we can assure your claim is handled in the quickest possible manner.

1. Contact your Insurance Provider. We recommend having their contact details saved in your mobile phone along with your policy number. If you are unable to contact them, then simply give us a call.

2. Most Insurance Providers can arrange to have the bike towed to us to be assessed and quoted. If you provider is unable to arrange towing give us a call during business hours, or after hours please call one of the following mobile numbers:
Mark - 0414 233 318, Gary - 0412 738 473 or Jess - 0400 776 607

3. Upon receiving your motorcycle one of our assessors will go over the bike and write up a damage report. From there our team will prepare a detailed repair estimate and forward it through to your Insurance company. This process generally takes up to 48 hours from receiving your motorcycle. Once the claim is accepted by your Insurer they will appoint one of their assessors to come out and look at the bike.

If you have any further questions or queries, please just give us a call or shoot us through a quick email! We know how traumatic it can be when your pride and joy is off the road, so let us help and make things easier for you!

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